All photography provided by Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.

The Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame and Ranchmans of Calgary recognized the fact that there are Legends in the Rodeo arena that would not be remembered over time as they never achieved the ultimate prize of a Canadian or World Championship in their rodeo career.


In 2004 the first Legends were brought into the Hall of Fame to make sure that the future generations of rodeo contestants and fans never forget the Legends that have helped shape our great sport in and out of the arena.

Contributing Partners:

          2005 - 2017 - Ranchman's Cookhouse & Dancehall



1. Must have been a competing cowboy/cowgirl in Canadian Pro Rodeo
2. Achievements WILL NOT allow a person to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in any category.
3. Records or achievements performed in the rodeo arena have reached legendary status.
4. The person’s name has grown to become synonymous with the sport of rodeo.
5. The person’s record or achievements and contributions have been a way of life for them (longevity).
6. In short, the person has become Legendary in his/her support, achievements and contributions to Canadian Pro Rodeo.

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