Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Inductees

Photography provided by Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Archive Files.

Alphabetically Listed By Last Name

Animal, Builders, Contestants & Legends.
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American Express

Amble, Jerry


Blue Bill

Bascom, Earl
Beddoes, Don
Bews, Tom
Boyd, Bill
Brower, Bart
Brower, Ken
Brown, Leo
Brown, Paddy
Bruce, Duane
Bruce, Laurence
Bruce, Winston
Bruised Head, Pete
Burton, Pat
Burwash, Robin
Butterfield, Blake
Butterfield, Brian
Butterfield, Bud
Butterfield, Dee
Butterfield, Greg
Butterfield, Tom
Byrne, Ryan


Charles Manson
Chester Shoal Bandit #47
Cindy Rocket #31

Carry, Bob
Cassidy, Greg
Chick, Charlie
Cholach, Darrel
Churchill, Merv
Claypool, Brian
Clifford, Jim
Coleman, Mel
Collins, Bill
Cooper, Warren
Cosgrave, Richard
Crowchild, Gordon
Currier, Allan


Dirty Gertie

Daines, Duane
Daines, Ivan
Daines, Jack
Dewar, Claire & Lois
Dewar, Don
Dillon, JM “Jack”
Doan, Gordon
Doan, Phil
Doan, Urban Ace
Dodds, John
Dorchester, Tom
Dorin, Carl “Slim”
Dorin, Ernie
Duce, Bob
Duce, Frank
Duce, Jerri
Duke, Fred
Dunham, Steve
Dvorkin, Harris


Earl, Gordon
Edge, Don
Edge, Norman
Edge, Norman & Shirley
Eirikson, Tom
Eirickson, Dwayne



Farris, Lee
Fisher, Bob
Fisher, Joe
Flanigan, Doug
Flewelling, Bruce
Fowlie, Lloyd
Franklin, Vern
Freeman, Jim


Grated Coconut G-65
Guilty Cat G-11

Galarneau, Albert
Gardner, Clem
Garstad, Dave
Garstad, Gid
Gingrich, Clarence
Girletz, Maxine
Girletz, Wilf
Gladstone, Fred
Gladstone, Jim
Glass, Ronnie
Glazier, John
Glazier, Ted
Gottfriedson, Bob


High Chaparral H1

Haraga, Arnold
Haraga, Isabelle
Hartell, Bob
Havens, Dick
Hays, Gerald “Hoover”
Hay, Denny
Hines, Clayton
Hook, Harley
Hubley, Rocky
Hutchison, Lawrence
Hyland, Keith
Hyland, Mel
Hyland, Wilf


Ivins, Tom


JH Necklace

Jenson, Lynn
Johansen, Dale
Johansen, Don
Jones, Malcolm
Joyal, Wayde


Kingsway Skoal

Keely, Glen
Kehler, Bill
Kelts, Jim
Kennedy, Fred
Kesler, Reg
Knight, Harry
Knight, Pete
Knight, Ray