ARNOLD HARAGA Contestant Inducted 2013


Arnold was cowboy to the core.  He claimed the All Around Championship in 1970 and in that same year won the Canadian Championship in the Steer Wrestling event.  He staying in the top five of the Tie Down Roping and Steer Wrestling standings through most of his rodeo career.  Arnold had a tremendous amount of try.  He was so determined to better himself in his sport that he would practice for hours until it was just too dark to see in his practice pen.   He would not be satisfied to stop practicing until he felt everything was to his standards.  It was such dedication that made him a champion.  Arnold was a multi-talented man and took up the art of sculpting later in his life.  Sadly the rodeo world lost a great competitor and a  wonderful supporter of the sport when he passed away. 

GINA MCDOUGALL Contestant Inducted 2013


Even though Gina was only actively competing on the professional circuit for four years, she was the Alberta Circuit Champion and twice earned the title of Canadian Ladies Barrel Racing Champion.  These titles were won in 1962 and 1963.  She put on barrel racing schools and many young ladies got their first guidance in the sport from this knowledgeable horse woman.  Gina became a renowned artist, creating bronze sculptures to be cherished by award winners for years to come.

FRED ROPE HORSE Animal Inducted 2013


The very first tie down roping horse to be inducted into the Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame is a horse that was simply known as Fred.  This horse was named the best horse in his event in 1985, 1986, and 1994.  Larry Robinson made a large portion of his career earnings when he was roping off of Fred.